Thursday, February 23, 2012

Me, The Fanatical Bookworm

It’s safe to say that I’m a blogger, not much of a blogger, as I have only blogged some in the past.  And lately, I’ve been thinking about creating my own blog.  My only issue being what to ramble about in said blog.   Thankfully, because of a suggestion from a super special friend who I truly adore, I decided to go with a book blog.  She knows me and my love for books. And honestly, what better subject is there for me to blog about than BOOKS!?

Reading is a passion of mine.  Reading comes before certain things in my life such as bathing at times, eating, and obviously, since I’m a house wife, it comes before cleaning sometimes.  Although it is safe to say that my bathrooms are usually clean.  And my kitchen.  And laundry... when no one has anything to wear.  Meh, you only live once, right?

Just a few days ago I was watching some show on TV about a young mother who had died suddenly.  It was all very, very tragic.   So I got to thinking, what would be my regrets if I passed on too soon?  Obviously the first thing that popped in to my head was an image of my kids, thinking that I’d regret not physically being here for them as they matured into the adults they will someday become.  And the second thought was about all the books I would never have had the chance to read!  I know there should be more to the list.  And I know if I think more about it, not growing old with my husband is somewhere in there.  But since this blog is about books and my love for the literary world, can you imagine the gigantic heavy emptiness I feel in my heart at the thought of never reading a book again?   It makes me want to grab my favorite books and hug them close to me.  Yes, I am that FANATICAL.  Who’s to say, there could be millions upon millions of books placed perfectly on beautiful bookcases past the pearly gates into Heaven -- who knows? Hopefully one day I’ll find out.

So this is me, a book lover through and through if you haven’t already caught onto that fact.  Please feel free to comment on my reviews, opinions, or just plain craziness that I post here.  I do ask that you agree to disagree at times and respect everyone's opinions here, because I do not love every book I have ever read -- I’m sure you can agree, we’ve all been there.  I do, however, WHOLEHEARTEDLY respect every author who decides to take that terrifying leap as they put their stories out there for us to read.

With all that said, welcome to my little piece of the bookish world and happy reading, my fellow book lovers!


  1. Beautiful blog! Beautiful post! Beautiful TIT!!!! YAY!!! I can't wait to hear all your wonderful thoughts on ALL THE BOOKS!!

    Excited TAT over and out!

    1. If it wasn't for a certain someone, I wouldn't have gone through with it. ;) So thank you.

    2. You've got a very cool, very smart super secret friend there. Ya should keep 'er. Just sayin'.

    3. Pfft!! I plan on keeping her for a very, very long time. She'd have to get rid of me first.


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