Thursday, May 16, 2013

When I love a book....

The other day I got to thinking, after having read book
 #1298047555478927895 at this point in my 
life, what criteria must a book have in order for me to personally
give a rating of 5 owls for a review here or 5 stars on Goodreads? 
 I know most literary hot-shots wouldn't agree with me, but
here's a list of clues that tell me if I LOVE a book or not:

1. 24 hours or less!
Basically.  And I also have a minor obsession with e-cards.
If I pick up a flippin' book at the beginning and I'm so consumed by the story that I'm done reading within 24 hours or less, I know I loved the book.  I'll miss sleep, miss meals, forget about whatever chores need to be done in the house, all because I cannot stop thinking about this book and the need to finish it.  I know all of you bookworms have been there, and I also know that at least one of those books that have had a similar impact on you has just popped into your head.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but that book is probably considered one of your favorites.  

2. The Book Hangover
The beloved and equally dreaded Book Hangover.  This one goes right along with the first.  It's that empty yet full feeling you get once you finish a book. You feel full because you've taken in everything that was written from cover to cover and you feel like your life was forever changed by the book.  Then there's the empty feeling of wishing you could take it all back and read the book over again just to experience all those emotions that you felt.
I know I've clutched a book while having that same look on my face.

3. I become demanding
I immediately demand that my book buddies read the same book I loved so we can swap thoughts.
This is me while waiting for a friend to read a book I loved.  Creepy?  Yes.  But they still love me.

I'm always ready to gush about whatever book I fell in love with, and I can be such a whiner when no one else has read it.  Plus, I can also be a fairly impatient person when waiting for a friend to finish a book I loved.  Are these negative qualities to have?  Negatron, my friend.

 4. Must. Read. The. Sequel.
I need to read the sequel.  NOW.
 If there is a sequel to the book, I'll forget about whatever book I had next on my reading list and place the sequel on hold at the library to read next.  For example: the Twilight books, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, The Bronze Horseman, The Moral Instruments, these are all books I greedily devoured once I started reading the first book in the series.  I know there's more, those were just the ones that popped into my mah head first.  

5. Was the connection there?
One of the most important aspects of any book that every reader looks for is that connection you feel with the characters and the story.  You know the one, the connection that makes you feel as if you've literally jumped into the pages of the book and you're living out the story yourself.  Call me crazy, but when I feel that super connection I almost believe the characters are real because you want them to BE real.   
Exactly my point.

There are probably more that could be added to my list, these are
just the first examples that came to me when I decided
 to write this post.  I'm sure I'll be kicking meself in the
arse later because I forgot to add one.

So, what do you do when you read a book you love?
How do you feel?
How does a book make the cut for your favorites list?
Comment below and share them with me!

Stop lurky lurkin' and comment!
From one book lover to another,


  1. Oh my gosh! THIS SO MUCH!!
    I love this post. LOBS (*winks*) it!

    Okay, what else could I possibly add? Hmm...

    6. Forgetting that I'm reading.
    Like the world and everything else sorta melts away and I'm left with the story playing like a movie in my head. It doesn't always happen but those rare times when I'll read a book from cover to cover and it will feel so seamless that I forget it's words not pictures are pure magic.

    7. Respect & Longing & Aspiration
    Okay. I don't know the right word to use for this one, but let me explain and see if I can flesh this thought out.

    There are some books I've read (The Truth About Forever and The Girl Who Chased the Moon, just to name a few) that when I put them down I am not only in awe of the story but the writer. And I aspire to not be them but maybe one day hopefully be able to write something a tenth of what they have written. To share a story so deep and rich and wonderful. To touch someone, force them to stay up all night long, to mourn when the book is over yet cry at the thought of never having read it. It's what motivates me every time I sit down to write. I peek over at the books on my bookshelf, take a deep breath, say a little prayer, and compelled my fingers to write something worthwhile, something worth a five star rating (fantasy land? yes. but why not aim high!). Not a five star by the critics and allll masses, mind you, but one other person. One other person, just like me, who lives for stories that will make them laugh or cry or both. Ya know?

    And that's my long winded ramble about that.
    Have I told you lately I how much I love your blog, my dear TIT? Well I do. I DO!
    TAT out!

    1. And I LOBS you, TAT!!

      You're exactly right on the point when you forget when you're reading. I've done that before. It feels so alive that you completely forget that you're actually reading a book.

      And *gives you a standing ovation* your #7 is perfect. I couldn't have said it any better. I've read through it a couple times now, and what you've said is something only a book lover could understand. I've tried explaining something similar to what you said to others who don't like to read. They just don't get why I enjoy books so much, and they never will since they could never understand those amazing feelings you pointed out.

  2. I agree. Reading IS a personal and emotional experience, and the way a book effects you is the greatest factor in book love. Granted, I HAVE taken a bit longer than 24 hours to read some 5 star books--but that's because I have KIDS. And I just can't stay up all night anymore. :) But for 5 stars, yes, I must DEVOUR said book.

    1. There are times when it takes me more than 24 hours to read a 5 star book due to life getting in the way, but more often than not I usually do finish those amazing reads in less than 24 hours.

      And because I have two kids, one being an insanely energetic toddler, I SHOULD be sleeping instead of staying up extremely late at night to read. My less rational side, however, doesn't allow me to put a good book down. I've got myself convinced that all my energy the next day comes from the book high I received after finishing such a great book the night before. If a book was that good, that's basically all I think about the next day anyway. Gotta love the life of a book lover.


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