Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Top Ten Books I Thought I'd Like More/Less Than I Did

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme that's hosted by 
The Broke and the Bookish that consists of different
Top 10 book-related lists each week.
This week's Top 10 Tuesday list is all about
books you've read in which you actually like more 
than you thought you would, or the books you liked less 
than you thought you would. 

I'm trying to put this one together last minute today while it's still
Tuesday since I was introduced to this lovely little gem of a meme 
this morning.  I've had many books that either
surprised me, or books that have disappointed me.
I figured I'd share.
 So here it goes!

Books that I thought I'd like more than I actually did

1. Mockingjay
I actually gave this one 5 stars on Goodreads simply
because I absolutely adore the Hunger Games series
as a whole.  But I was sadly disappointed with Mockingjay.
I might get some backlash for this one.
2. Shiver
So many of my lovely friends absolutely adored this
book.  Myself?  Not so much.  I was bored throughout
the whole book.

3. Beautiful Creatures
Another one I might receive some backlash for.
*blows kisses to my book-lover besties*
Don't get me wrong, there were some parts of the book
I did enjoy, but to be honest?  I don't remember
much of the book AT ALL. 
Although, I do plan on seeing the movie!

4. The Woods
 I'm a HUGE Harlan Coben fan.  The man
has a knack for writing mysteries that keep
you on the edge of your seat.  I've read many of his
books, so I immediately bought The Woods when it came out.  
Yeah, well, I kinda wish I could get my money back for this one. 
I guess every great writer has their mediocre novels.
5. Evermore
 I had friends that loved this book and others
that didn't so much.  I figured I'd give it a chance.
I had hope that I'd be on the side of liking it.
Again, I was disappointed.  I never
even read the other books in the series.

6. I Am Legend
Because I liked the movie, and because
the movie scared the bajeesus outta me to
the point where I actually had nightmares,
I had hopes for the book. 
Let me tell ya, the book is nothing like the movie.
I wish I could actually take this one back, as
in, never having read it.  EVER.

7. Extras
I actually feel like weeping for this one!
I dove right into the Uglies books.  I was
obsessed with them for a week or two. 
The first three were just that darn good.
Then Extras came along and ruined it all for me.
Such a sad, horrible shame.
Read the first three books, however, they are amazing!

8. The Enemy
I love zombies as much as the next zombie freak,
but steer clear of this one.  Trust me.

9. Blue Bloods
Highly disappointed, but these books are still like crack.
I didn't like them much, but I still wanted more.  I've 
read most of them.  I know, it's weird.  I'm weird.  Whatevs.

10. We'll Always Have Summer
And to think I was so excited to read this one when 
I picked a copy up at Barnes & Noble.
Can I get my money back?  Maybe?

 Books I thought I'd like less than I did
1. The Lightning Thief
Here I was thinking I had picked up some silly
kid's book.  Boy was I wrong.  I blew right
through all these books and they're still some of my faves!
The movie, however, not so much.

2. Talyn
 So there I was one day, scanning through
the clearance bin at Barnes & Noble, when
I came across this wonderful book.
I really didn't think I'd like it for only being
$2 at B&N, but oh was I very much mistaken!
I read this book in a day, then turned right around and
read it again.  That's how much I loved this book.

3. The Hobbit
I love, love, LOVE The Lord of the Rings movies.
The books I didn't love so much, only because
there was so much to them and they're hard
to keep up with.  So I was scared to read The Hobbit.
I am so, so unbelievably glad I did.  It's a top favorite of mine.

4. Storm Front
The Dresden Files!!!
I was a bit iffy about this one when a friend
insisted that I read series.
But now I'm insisting that YOU read them.
Go.  Now.  READ.

5. Graceling
This one was a surprise to me.
I came across it at the library and figured, eh, why not?
Big puffy heart these books.

6. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour
 Holy sweetness, Batman, this is such a great read!
I figured I might like it, but I didn't think
I'd love it as much as I do.  This book is perfection.
In fact, I might reread it soon just to relive Amy
and Roger's journey again.

7. Dead Until Dark
 These books really aren't the greatest, by no means.
I love True Blood so of course I wanted to read them.
Yeah, well, I blew through these like a drug addict
trying to find her next fix.  No joke. 
Literary crack.

8. The Bronze Horseman
 I was so pleasantly surprised by this one.
Again, one of my all-time faves.
Such an amazing and emotional read.

9. There'll You'll Find Me
 I just reviewed this one.
It's a super sweet little story that I really
liked much more than I thought I would.

10. Book of the Dead
I picked this one up at a used book store for a 
really cheap price.  I figured because of the price,
I wouldn't have wasted much money if it wasn't good.
Surprise, surprise!
It was actually an all around good read.

So that's my list that I've come up with so far.
Have you read any of these?
What are your thoughts?
Or do you have any books that would would make
your Top Ten?  Do share!

Lots and lots of bookish love,


  1. Great list! Your liked less list could be mine! I haven't read The Enemy, but the zombie book I couldn't get into was Rot & Ruin. Extras should never have happened and I read way too many of the Evermore series (kind of like your Blue Bloods issue). I hated Shiver and had the exact same reaction about Mockingjay! Love Amy & Roger! Have you read My Life Next Door? You should! http://wp.me/pzUn5-1uq

    1. Thanks for the comment!!

      That makes me feel much better knowing someone else felt the same way, especially with Shiver and Mockingjay. I hated admitting it, because I absolutely love Hunger Games, but I just didn't like Mockingjay as much.

      And I definitely will check out My Life Next Door! I'll go add it to my to-read list.

  2. Here's the thing with Game of Thrones-the books are work. If you are willing to put in the book they are fantastic. If you not, the show is very true to the story and awesome too. I definitely recommend Raven Boys. It's really different.

    1. I usually am willing to put in the work, I mean, I did finish Shiver. I almost quite reading that book numerous times, I just kept hoping it would get better.

      And I'm also into that genre of books. I read Lord of the Rings all the way through, and that wasn't easy either.

      The Raven Boys was just added to my to-reads list!

  3. Yay for The Lightning Thief! But I loved Riordan's The Heroes of Olympus Series more. The Hobbit is one of my favorite books as well and I liked it more than LOTR too. Graceling was a fun fantasy read as well. Although I did not quite like the second book, Fire. :)

    Great List!

    1. Thanks for the comment!! I've only read the first book in The Heroes of Olympus series and I really liked it!

      And I'd have to agree with you, I didn't like Fire as much as Graceling. Also, I still need to read Bitterblue. I'm hoping I like it as much as I liked Graceling.

  4. Omg yes ALL of Rick Riordan's books are ah-maazing. :)
    I agree on Shiver, Beautiful Creatures, Evermore, and Blue Bloods. Like you, my friends were RAVING about how good they were. But I was just all like.. meh.
    New follower via GFC! And thanks for visiting my blog.
    PS Your blog is adorable!

    1. Thanks for the comment and the follow, Summer!! And thanks, I have a weak spot for owls... and pretty colors. ;)

      And here I thought I would be receiving some backlash for my opinions on certain book. Instead, I've got more people agreeing with me! Sometimes I believe that you have to be in the right state of mind for certain books, you know? I don't think I was in the right state of mind when I read Beautiful Creatures. I've contemplated rereading it just to see if I'd like it more now, but here we are a few years later and I still have yet to pick it up again. Maybe I will, maybe I won't... who knows.


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